The project ISDEEC, for

Interaction entre Systèmes Dynamiques, Equations d'Evolution et Contrôle

(interaction between dynamical systems, evolution equations and control theory) is an ANR project beginning in january 2017 and finishing in december 2020.

Its code name is ANR-16-CE40-0013.

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In this project, we plan to study the qualitative dynamics of various classes of PDEs and classes of ODEs with special structure. This work program requires expertise in different mathematical domains such as dynamical systems theory, PDE techniques, control theory, geometry, functional analysis... while the current trend in mathematics is for high specialisation. The purpose of this project is to create and extend interactions between experts of these various domains, in order to deepen our understanding of the dynamics of evolution equations and to explore the new challenging questions, which will emerge.

The project does not only mix several mathematical domains, but also gathers top experts with young researchers and aims to attract students to these new interactions.

The project is split into four tasks: